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I told him that I love him
And he just looked away
I sat there sinking in the silence –
What more could I say?

If I could turn it off I would,
this painful beating heart;
Faltering at a touch or glance
Jumping hard to start.

And so resigned to fate am I,
this trouble that I’m in.
I’d weather every pang and ache
to waste my time with him.


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Already breathing heavy at the starting line
Worried I jumped the gun;
Performed the finale before the show,
Cheered before I’d won.

Can you miss someone you don’t even know?
Are some souls meant to connect?
The cynic and lover are warring inside,
Heart versus intellect.

Brain, you’re calling this a mirage,
A beautiful lie, just pretend.
Heart valiantly argues for hope
And letting the feelings in.

But really I’m just a jukebox girl,
Good for a play or two;
Willing to bet my monster inside
Is one that no love can subdue.