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Hard came the rains; rumbling thunder overhead shook the house.

The glass in the windows shook menacingly and threatened to shatter and scatter onto the dark floor.

Clouds colored dusky gray blocked out the once visible scattering of stars. Not even the moon, powered by sunlight, could shine through.

As the storm continued the roof sagged under the weight of the water and then shook violently. Creak, shake, creak, shake.

Hours passed with the house swaying in the storm; attacked on all fronts by an invisible enemy. A surprise attack on an unfortified structure.

But then more hours passed, and the thunder gave way to grumpy rumblings. The rain became lazy and slow. The dark clouds were pinpointed with glimpses of a shining night sky; you could just make out the outline and faint glow of the moon.

The storm subsided, finally, and the house stood proudly in triumph. Windows can be replaced, the roof built stronger.


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The End of June

For the first day in a week, she looked at the sky and saw the storm was clearing. The horizon, though peppered with small dark clouds, leaked sunshine and blue skies. The ground was still wet and muddy. She picked her way carefully from the front door to the end of the driveway. She looked up and frowned at the clouds still in the sky; it should be stormy or not. The audacity of the indecisive weather!

But the rays of the sun and blue patches kept catching her eye as she worried over the dark clouds. After a moment she caught herself looking at the golden blue chunks. They slowly grew as she watched. She was amazed by the gentle creeping of the clean sky; the way it mixed into the dark like paint mixes, slowly lightening and transforming the canvas into something else altogether. She sat on the fence and tilted her head back as far as it would go, transfixed by the metamorphosis of the storm into something precious. After a while she forgot the clouds were there and let the sun beams warm her pale skin.