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I worshiped gold.
My eyes followed the light wherever it went –
Oh, I was mesmerized by the glint of something so precious.
Something that seemed tangible and attainable,
A gleam that made me warm when it shined across my face.
Like sunshine, but richer.
But reaching out to hold a little magic in my hand
Light fell through my fingers like sand,
landed at my feet, dry and dull.
In wanting to hold it I smothered it
And the world seems less like colors and more like blues and greys.


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Difference of Opinion

I’m always reading between the lines,
Can’t see the forest for the trees.
Desperate for every little detail
that could be hidden in between.
While they stand and stare in awe
I finally stop and pause
Realizing that it was wasted time and
I’ve missed what almost was.