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She’s so beautiful when she’s sad
I can’t help but bring her down.
The tears reflect her halo’s gleam;
it doubles as her crown.

She’s so beautiful when she’s sad
I love to watch her cry;
pulling her heart back and forth,
never keeping her for mine.

I’ll tell her that I love her,
my words binding her like ties;
I’ll kiss her tears and make her smile,
then tell her more sweet lies.


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I Guess I Forgive You

I guess I forgive you
for sleepless nights
and daydreams,
like cheesy pop songs;
All bright colors and
Soft, the kisses.

Harried by the thought;
the memory in my skin,
The way your heartbeat
when I trail my fingers,
It flutters.

I guess I forgive you, too,
For the the way
Heart it races;
The sound of your voice,
My insides craving.